Clients and Projects we've done it for:

My clients range from the world’s largest mining companies to single asset junior mining companies.

Process Facilities & Surface Infrastructure:

- Copper Process Facility - Peru ($5B, EPCM)

- Gold/Copper Process Facility - Peru ($2.5B, EPCM)

- Gold Facility - Peru ($4B, EPC) 

- Gold/Copper Processing Facility - Ghana ($1B, EPC)

- Coal Power Plant - Nevada, USA ($600M, EPC)

- Underground Shaft - Nevada, USA ($450M, EPC)

- Copper Processing Facility - NA ($250M, EPC)

- Arctic Infrastructure - Canada - ($80M, EPCM)

- Primary Crusher - Nevada, USA ($35M, EP)

Major Underground Projects:

- Underground Development, Shaft & Infrastructure - Diamonds, South Africa ($2B)

- Underground Shaft - Gold, Nevada ($450M)

- Underground Development and Underground Infrastructure - Gold, Canada ($75M)

- Underground Project, Process Facility and Infrastructure - Gold, Ghana

- Underground Shaft - Gold, Australia

- Underground Project, Process Facility and Infrastructure - Gold, Peru

- Various other pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, and exploration declines

- Other Gold, Copper, Molybdenum, Diamond, Platinum (PGM), Silver, Coal, and Nickel Projects located in South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia, Suriname, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Papa New Guinea, Côte d'Ivoire, Turkey, New Zealand...