How we do it.

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, experienced senior personnel, and industry specific best practices. Our initial engagement entails gaining in-depth information with our clients to ensure we are able to provide best value for our clients’ needs and understand their unique challenges.  Then we would develop a commercial term sheet demonstrating the proposed contract strategy, including the proposed risk profile, commercial structure, incentive basis and other key contractual items and terms and conditions.  The term sheet would be augmented by a contracting timeline showing commercial activities and associated responsibilities.

Paramount to the success of any Prime Contract is a robust scope of work.  We engage with our clients technical and supply chain teams to establish and/or update the existing scope of work.   Depending on the clients existing relationships with contractors, geographical location and variety of other strategic and market conditions we will develop a bid list for client approval.  We then develop a tender package and solicit bidder proposals to include execution methodologies, organization structure and location, personnel resources, staffing tables, compensation rates, commercial offer, and other requisite information.  During the tender process we serve as the RFP Manager and facilitate all contact, questions, communications, and interfaces with the bidders and our clients. 


As part of our process, the negotiation strategy will be developed with the ultimate goal of executing a mutually beneficial Prime Contract tailored for the Project’s specific needs, objectives, and schedule.